Going the Distance

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Going the Distance

Strasburg Film Festival documentary film Going the Distance details the miracle of love, and how it can find us anywhere.  Going the Distance is about cross-national couples sharing the unique experience of long-distance love, and how it is more worthy than most people might think.


Going the Distance will be shown on Sunday, November the 11th at 10:30 AM at the Box Office Brewery. Tickets can be found on the film’s event page.


Director Biography – Hao Dong

 An international award-winning filmmaker based in New York City, Hao Dong has been accepted into more than 30 international film festivals worldwide.

Hao graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Media Arts, with a concentration on film production. His career began with arts management, photography, and TV media before moving on to filmmaking and TV production.

Hao worked as a cinematographer on the film Faces of Art Therapy, which was shown at Heart-Heal Art Gala. Hao also edited the 13th annual BMM film festival official trailer.


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