This week we are trying to answer the question, what was the most impactful year in filmmaking. Not from a monetary perspective, but this week you’ll be presented with three different points of view into how a particular year helped set the stage for the cinema for decades to come. These are just from the writer’s perspectives, but all of them point out a time which became a kind of a eureka moment, where filmmakers became legends in the industry.

In Two Weeks

Next week we will be talking about the most difficult scene to write about when writing a script. We’ll get more into that later, Then the following week we not be presenting a topic, because we will be exploring a theme which will need a little more time to develop.

So, instead, we’ll start to announce blocks of films that you can anticipate if you join us for our second international film festival this November.

All proceeds from our film fest go to the Shenandoah County Public School District’s theatre programs.