In a joint effort between Staufferstadt Arts and us (The Shenandoah Film Collaborative) we are seeking input/thoughts from the Strasburg community to submit an application for the 2018 Burning Man Global Art Grant program. The images attached to this post are some past Burning Man winners.

Here’s the criteria:
– Creation of highly interactive, community-driven art.
– Creation of highly interactive, community-driven art.
– Art that can be touched, heard and/or experienced.
– Projects that allow participants to engage with the conception, creation and presentation of art.
– Taking risks and providing seed funding that stimulates new explorations and fosters new artists.
– Validation and support for artists that are at the experimental point of their own development.
– Art created by the community for the benefit of that community.

Now we just need your ideas.
Feel free to share any, if you have them.