If there is anything more valuable in the ever-changing climate of today’s society, it’s the development of new ideas. Diverse perspectives need to be explored, attitudes need to be challenged, and communication needs to be reached. Although these responsibilities entail a courageous approach to traditionalism, there are truly no better individuals to tackle these jobs other than the next generation of filmmaking.

Every aspiring filmmaker can agree that film is the most effective medium for storytelling, and the Shenandoah Youth Festival invites those stories to be told. The festival is not just for students to deliver their work into the world, but also for student audiences to appreciate the independent nature of new filmmaking. This is an event held to celebrate all things youthful: young artists and young viewers in the presence of young ideas.

For those who happen to fit into the youth criteria (ages 14-25) and are proud to showcase their talents. This summer we will be highlighting those fantastic filmmakers through our online event-hosting partner, Eventive.

Eventive is compatible with TV viewing via apps for Apple TV, Roku, Android TV. Viewers can also stream from a laptop using an HDMI cable or by using Chromecast from an Android device. We suggest using the largest screen and best sound system available to you to experience the festival!


GO TO THE VIRTUAL FESTIVAL Contains detailed information about the programmed films