iRony, a Strasburg Film Festival student short film, explores the relationship between man and technology… from the perspective of a smart phone.

Defying categorization, this hand drawn animated film is based upon the director’s award winning poem ‘Seven Billion.’

This film will be shown during November’s 1st Strasburg Film Festival, which shall occur from the 9th through the 11th. It is scheduled to be featured at the Box Office Brewery on Sunday, November 11th at 1 PM. Individual tickets can be bought on the event page.


Director Biography – Radheya Jegatheva 

A 2nd year Commerce and Arts student at Curtin University, Jegatheva is a Perth based Australian filmmaker born in  Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean and Malaysian ancestry.  Jegatheva’s films have been selected to seven Academy Award Qualifying Festivals along with an Australian Academy of Cinema & TV Arts (AACTA) Award nomination, the Australia’s Oscar equivalent.  Radheya’s films have won awards on all seven of the world’s continents with, when one of his films played at Antarctica’s Davis Research Station in  July 2018.




Director Statement

We reap the benefits of social media and technology every day. While it is incredibly useful and convenient, I just wanted to look at particular aspects of it media consumption through a more critical lens and bring awareness to the issues plaguing media today, such as cyber bullying and teen suicide. My goal with this film was to  cause discussion or at least contemplation about these issues in a creative way, and to encourage people to reconsider their over consumption of social media and the ways in which it can become harmful.

The message of the short isn’t to say technology and social media are evil and that we should revert to the stone age, (I myself use social media daily, hence the name of the film, iRony) the film at its core is a tale about humanity and our relationship with our beloved technology.

This entire film was created on my laptop and the soundtrack was composed digitally.