We wanted to provide a few teaser photos of the construction of Box Office Brewery, which will be the epicenter for the first Strasburg Film Festival.

This is a photo of the bar on the first floor. The wood used for the bar should bring back a lot of memories for people who grew up in and around Strasburg as it’s from the old bowling alley in town. For those who are not from around this area, the alley employed teenagers to restack the pins.

First, the wood that you see at the front of the photo came from the stage that was set up in this historic theatre. This wood will block off where the brewery is set up and where the tables and chairs will be for the patrons.

There will be LED lighting, however, with the number of windows that are set up in the theatre, you really could use just the natural light during the day to light up the place. This photo was taken with little to no lights on. The walls have a German Tudor style to it which will be very reflective of our towns German heritage.

And finally, you can see the hint of the murals that will be preserved for everyone to enjoy.

This place will truly have a great mix of classical style with a hint of modern flair that will make it a place to have a beer, or attend a Film Festival.

There is a lot of beauty that is being preserved in this wonderful new establishment, which is expected to be open around labor day.