This Strasburg Film Festival feature examines the relationship between a new mother and the connection she has with her mother. From the description that was submitted for “A Spot”:

A low confident young woman takes her newborn baby for the first time to the podiatrist. Late and rushed by her own mother, she tries to park her car.

This short 8-minute film was shot in Nantes, France. Financed through crowdfunding, “A Spot” is Arthur Bacry’s filming debut.

Director Biography – Arthur Bacry

(Note: the following paragraph was submitted by Arthur)

When young Arthur, aged 5, discovers Disney’s The Little Mermaid it’s a shock. He’s gonna make movies… Maybe. A few thirtyish years later, and after brilliantly obtaining a cinema degree in Paris, the young man directs his first short feature: A Spot. The film is an immediate success and is critically acclaimed. Maybe…

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