This organization was founded because of our children. We wanted to show them that if one can give back to their community in a way that has an opportunity to enhance the lives of everyone who lives in it, then it’s their duty.

Hence, the 2017 founding of The Shenandoah Film Collaborative, Inc., a 501 (3) c non-profit.

We have a few areas of focus:

  • Create a global community for the Film Arts.​
  • Offer opportunities to Shenandoah Valley residents to experience the wonders of film beyond Hollywood. ​
    • Increase economic development for businesses​
    • Raise funds for non-profits or civic organizations
    • Enhance educational curriculum for entities that have expressed an academic interest in filmmaking ​
  • Raise funds and awareness for the Shenandoah County Public School System theater/drama-related programming. ​

Our area of focus is the following counties/cities:

  • Shenandoah

  • Frederick

    • Winchester

  • Clarke

  • Warren

  • Page

  • Rockingham

    • Harrisonburg

In early November we host the Strasburg Film Festival. This is an annual event within the town of Strasburg, VA that encourages filmmakers to submit their works of art so that all people will have an opportunity to enjoy their creativity. When we mean “all”, we achieve this by keeping ticket costs low or offering free tickets to families who are on a tight budget.

All proceeds from the Strasburg Film Festival will be donated to the Shenandoah County Public School District. From there, those funds will be distributed to the middle and high schools across the county with the monetary donation focus being on creating or enhancing drama/theater-related programs.

We decided to use the word “Collaborative” in our organization name because it embodies what we aim to achieve – for us to become successful we need multiple parties to work together for producing an excellent product.

We want to show the next generation that there are many ways of expressing one’s interests.

Our organization serves from New Market to Strasburg and everywhere in between.

Our Promise To You

It’s overwhelming with how many nonprofits are in existence. It’s also inspiring that a particular cause encourages so many people to give their time and money. However, if you’re like us, you’re always wary of giving money to an organization because you’re not sure if the money will go towards it’s intended cause. Because of this, we pledge the following:

We Will Be Upfront

With all aspects of our organization. We want to earn your trust and create a better community for everyone.

No Directors Will Be Paid

All funding with either goes towards creating a great film festival or towards the Shenandoah County Public School District. We’ll address any questions or concerns that you have. 

Community Comes First

We'll always look for ways at getting this community involved with the festival.

Tourism Will Play A Big Part

For this event to be successful we, as a community, need to put our best foot forward. That’s why we’ll be always looking for ways to focus on showing the best of aspects of this area.

Film Is Our Focus

We want to showcase a good story. We're a festival that isn't afraid to showcase something new.

Non-Traditional Is Our Tradition

We’ll consider all tasteful endeavors. If it’s highly-provocative, (i.e. puts hate groups in a positive light) we’ll be happy to discuss. Though, we’ll be a little more thorough in our decision-making.