To talk about Afreen, a film that will be featured during November’s Strasburg Film Festival, it’s best to first focus on the director.

A native of Mumbai, India, and now living in Vancouver, Canada, Aashish Chanana, Afreen’s director was labeled a child prodigy at an early age. He had won the “President’s Gold Medal” for Inventing and Designing India’s First Electric Car while still in high school.

That brilliance and innovation in engineering earned him an invitation to a scholarship to Columbia University, Loughborough London and Toyota in Japan.

When asked about Afreen, Chanana stated:

I would consider Afreen one of my most important and difficult projects to date. The film explores the western paranoia over radical Islam while preserving the innocence of the nonviolent Muslims. We’ve tried to show both perspectives without being biased or taking sides.

It’s ironic that no one is right, while they aren’t wrong either!

But at the end of the day, is war the “end-all?”


The answer lies in communication and there can NOT be any without mutual respect. Tough, but the only solution.

Afreen Overview

The film claims to be the first dramatic feature film to tackle the disturbing ISIS phenomenon.

Afreen takes an unblinking, uncompromising look at the roots of extremism, and offers difficult solutions that the governments, religions, and peoples of the world ignore at their own peril.

Two years ago, a failed attack on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa left two men dead. Now, unbeknownst to the public, another attack plot is brewing in the city of Toronto…

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