There have been a few films.

Slasher flicks boomed in the 1980s.

On a deeper level,

Every character has a schtick!

I find myself too busy watching their facial expressions 

To feel what’s supposed to be happening.


Maybe it’s just like anything else.

For most of Hollywood’s history, 

Film has been a balance between vision and budget.

That’s why we all lie awake at night…

We are assured by the fact that our parents will protect us – 

What happens when they aren’t able to?


Let’s say it’s a Saturday night and

You decide to watch a movie – a funny one.

Those are good odds!

I have had enjoyed myself

Pushing the elevator doors open and crawling down the wires

(Silence is supposed to be good for reflection.)


In other words,

Our favorite movies make us feel things.

Drew Barrymore’s Firestarter (the big sister I never had)

Fought against modern conventions with war-like passion.

There were. A lot of fires.

Tilted, odd buildings mean something.


From what people have yelled at me,

What differentiates a good script from a great script is the degree to which

Ordinary street scenes seem rustic and swampy.

The early US people,

They were urged to watch as many movies as possible,

And so the accuracy of things meant less.


Walt Disney would eventually have to mortgage his house,

Slowly turned up the heat and hopped out.

That would be wild painful in real life!

People make me watch documentaries. 

They are inherently are meant to condem.

Wouldn’t it be great if Hollywood just… chilled out for five minutes?