An old French archaeologist worn out by life but still adventurous is convinced that he is finally on the trail of the legendary African Samurai clan, the “Black Spirits”, in the Tunisian Sahara. Is his mystic journey just a dream or a way to escape a reality he doesn’t want to accept?

This Strasburg Film Festival adventure is directed by Chakib Taleb-Bendiab.

Taleb-Bendiab is an Algerian screenwriter, filmmaker, and composer.

He worked on many feature films and is one of the screenwriters of the British TV series Go Dark.

He has been rewarded with several prizes at international festivals for his scripts and his first short film Cold Blood.

When asked about his film, Taleb-Bendiab said:

“Black Spirit” is a Tunisian movie made by an Algerian director and performed by French and Japanese actors. A film about the tolerance and the beauty of the culture that enrich one of the other around this final quest. It’s about Japanese wisdom who meets Africa because Western countries are « sick » of their realism and lost dreams… Yet, dream is humanity.

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