On her 50 years wedding anniversary day with Caio, Dora decides to act guided by her true desire. A desire that will change the course of their lives.

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Director Biography – Alexia Maltner

Alexia Maltner began her directing experience in the world of theater in 1999, when she directed a play called “The Dumb Waiter” written by Harold Pinter, and in 2002, when she directed another Harold Pinter play entitled “The Lover”.

After gaining her initial directing experience with theatrical plays, Maltner switched to television in 2003, where she has worked as a director’s assistant with several Globo’s household names. Her directing assistance contributions in television include work in many productions, including 2003 mini-series “A House of Seven Women” and 2004 mini-series “One House Only,” 2004 soap opera “Lady of Destiny”, 2005 television adaptation of the comic series “The Big Family”, 2011 “The Shameless”, 2014 “Didi and the Angles’ Secret”, and 2015 “Hot Plate”.

Along with theatrical plays and television productions, Maltner has already directed another film besides “Between Them”. Maltner’s filmmaking directing credits include 2010 short film “Till Death Brings Them Together” and 2014 web series “Tormented”, which she wrote as well as directed. Many of the titles of the productions Maltner has directed have been translated, as most of them were originally written and titled in Portuguese.

Maltner’s talents are varied and her extensive directing experience helps her bring unique charm to all of her projects, including “Between Them”.