Over the coming days (or weeks, depending on how much time we have) we’ll be transitioning our branding from the “Strasburg Film Festival” to The Shenandoah Film Collaborative. The logo and color structure will stay the same, but the wording will be tuned a bit.

The Strasburg Film Festival – our marquee event – isn’t going anywhere. We’re just realizing that in order to serve the entire county, we should ensure that our message is consistent. You’ll see our “Film Categories” link morph more into an information page about the film festival. In addition, we’ll create a page that will house what we hope will be our annual themed events like “Loving The Movies Game Night” or “Night O’ Irish Films”.  We’re also talking about a Christmas in July thing.

This is the fun part of being a new organization, we get to evolve and become more aligned to serve your needs.