The village of kazaz is located in shazand County , Central Province, in the vicinity of large industries , and air pollution caused by industries around it is the country ‘s most important problem. The central provincial newspaper reported today ” s problems in a report.

Given that large industries are being built in shazand and near the village of tetanus, enough green space in this region has not been created to soften the air and reduce pollution, dehyar said. According to Sayed Mohammad Ahmadi, the level of underground aquifers in the village is drastically reduced due to the need for large quantities of water.

Adding that slops are affected by rainfall in the area with rainfall due to rain, which is due to the possibility of drinking water in the village, which is due to proximity to industries and water shortages of other problems in the village.

the shortage of doctors and teachers is one of the problems that ahmadi teaches and explains, given that the village is in the vicinity of the big industries, the possibility of rescue and treatment will be very poor.

the central administrator of shazand also has the highest problem in kazaz related to the pollution of nearby industries, saying, due to the consideration of large industries in the vicinity of the village, aquifers water level has decreased, and agriculture is definitely lost when water is not water.

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