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Digitally restored from the original 35mm print, this is Jan Svankmajer’s classic animated film ALICE.

When Alice follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland, so begins this dream expedition into the astonishing landscape of childhood, through many dangerous adventures, and ultimately to Alice’s trial before the King and Queen of Hearts.

Czech animator Jan Svankmajer has created a masterpiece of cinema, a strikingly original interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Svankmajer’s Alice remains true to the absurdity of Carroll’s original but bears the stamp of his own distinctive style and obsessions. Combining techniques of animation and live action, he gives a new and fascinating dimension to the timeless tale of childhood fantasies.

“A piercing, original vision…brilliantly inventive. An extraordinary piece of work.”
– The New Yorker

“Svankmajer’s film explores Alice in Wonderland’s dark undercurrents: it unearths the fears that animate dreams and nightmares.”
– The New York Times

“A surrealist dream universe as created by one of the few true masters of contemporary animation.” – Film Comment

“Disney + Buñuel = Svankmajer’s Alice.” – Milos Forman

“An astonishing, dangerous, and Kafkaesque adventure through the subconscious.”
– Highbrow Magazine

“Alice is still, a quarter century later, the eeriest descent down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole yet committed to film. Sorry Tim Burton.” – Indiewire

“Forget Tim Burton – for a truly visionary screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll, prepare to have your mind blown by Jan Svankmajer’s wonderfully disturbing Alice.” – Movies.com

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