Sticking with the food theme that we started yesterday when talking about Temptation, today’s October 6th Free Family Film event feature is Midnight Snack.

The Free Family Film event will occur in the new town park in Strasburg. If it’s not ready by then, then we’ll do it in the town parking lot.

A little fox wakes up in the middle of the night for a snack, however, one thing it didn’t know is that the house was haunted and its ghost was lurking.

Midnight Snack is a collaborative student project that had a 24 people crew. It was Tatiana Kawanishi’s first animated film that she took on as director.

“I just loved it,” Kawanishi said. “It was at this film that I realize that I actually want to work with animation.”

You can respond to our event page to get a notification the day of the event. Depending on the situation, you most likely will have to bring a lawn chair. We will be starting at dusk, tentatively around 7 PM.

You can set up a Google or ICAL reminder from our event page so that you’ll be reminded the day of the event.

We don’t have a trailer for this film, however, the above film is a breakdown of how the animated film was created.