Leading up to our expanded Free Family Film Night, in the new town park in Strasburg, we will be featuring the films that will be played. Today’s film focus is Twin Islands.

Twin Island East and Twin Island West are two twin islands governed by two kings, where the inhabitants follow the cult of symmetry.

Therefore, everything goes two by two.

But one day, the queen of Twin Island West gives birth to an only child, to her husband’s utter dismay.

There were six directors/animators who created this film. Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot and Fanny Teisson all graduated in 2017 from the Supinfocom Rubika school (Valenciennes, France) with a Master in digital directing.

You can respond to our event page to get a notification the day of the event. Depending on the situation, you most likely will have to bring a lawn chair.

Popcorn and drinks will be provided by E & O Popcorn.

We will be starting at dusk, tentatively around 7 PM.

You can set up a Google or ICAL reminder from our event page so that you’ll be reminded the day of the event.