We came across this Reddit thread regarding a no-budget horror film. We haven’t had a chance to view the entire flick, so we can’t provide guidance as to if anything would be considered inappropriate, however, from what has been communicated this is a film that would be appropriate for the Strasburg Film festival.

First, it’s good to give some background on the film. The title of Reddit thread was, “After over a year of filming, intense shoots, and about 4 different versions, my friends and I have finally finished our first ever feature film!”

Then it’s filmmaker stated:

Our goal was to make the most ambitious high school film possible, particularly through the storytelling. How ambitious can we be with as little resources as possible, that was our great challenge. Our conceptual intention for making this film was to explore the darker mind set of transitioning into adulthood. Having that intention as the basis for our horror film, we experimented and explored from there. One of the narrative techniques we used was the length of shots, to emphasize focus and create subtle illusions (for believability).

This film would qualify for a few different categories including:

  • High School
  • Horror/Scifi
  • Director

Depending on how the film is judged would determine if this would be selected for the festival. However, the ambition and dedication of the filmmakers deserve recognition.