With it currently 3 days (Thursday, June 28th at 6 PM) until Seasonal Film Series – Ridge Runner Farms and Brewing Co. we are continuing to provide a little more information about each feature film and its cast and crew.

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Today’s Focus: Gguardians

Two ill-matched men are thrown together when they become Live-In Guardians of a 200-year-old townhouse in the East End of London. But living with each other is the least of their problems as there is more to the house than meets the eye. Amoral estate agents, irate laborers, pervert politicians, fox loving chuggers only add to the fact that a 200-year-old curse may consume them both.

Guardians is Mark Brown’s feature debut as a director. He has two other scripts under option and is working with his Braine Hownd Films co-founder Phil Haine on the companies next feature. He has directed the award-winning short Corinthian and the low budget oddities A Political Life, Open Window, Too Loud and Holiday as well as writing the award-winning shorts Stalker, Stained and Somebody To Love.

When asked about Guardians, Brown said, “Guardians is the culmination of over a decade of collaboration with the actors and crew. Going back as far as 2004 when Matt Prendergast and David Whitney co-starred in Mark’s first play Monkey Feeds the Robot. After almost 20 shorts, 40 plays and 100 audio dramas it seemed logical that the next project be a feature. With little money we made this like we made everything else. With enthusiasm, good will and an original voice.”

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