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Our team members Shawn, Rachel, and Daniel go over what to anticipate during an online Film Festival. They also answer questions about our filmmaker lounge, what varieties of French films to expect, and what the benefits are to attending an online Film Festival.

Enjoy our French film festival!

Shawn interviews Arnaud Delecrin about the film I AM ROBERT. They discuss details of the film, character development, choosing actors, and offer advice for new filmmakers. Watch this clip to see what our film makers lounge is all about!



We’re more than just a film festival!

The Shenandoah Film Collaborative (SFC) was founded to bring the wonders of cinema to the Shenandoah Valley. Headquartered in Strasburg, VA, the SFC aims to inspire creatives and cultivate artistic talent through various means. From our film festivals – both online and in-person – to our educational programs, to our robust internship incubator, the SFC seeks to share and grow our ever-expanding film community to people from every background.

We also strive to promote the arts outside of film!

By supporting theatre in a public educational environment through awareness and donations, the SFC wants to be a strong advocate of youth creative expression. One way we do this is by giving a portion of the proceeds from our Strasburg International Film Festival to the Shenandoah County Public School District Theatre programs.

It’s not a secret that all across America art programs in a public educational setting are often the first to be defunded or ignored. We know that the love of art goes beyond filmmaking – look at our various writing and graphic design internships! – and fostering every art form betters our world even further!

So if you are interested in helping us out in some way, please consider selecting one of our below buttons to help us make film more than just a venue for entertainment.



Our signature organization film festival to support theatre programs in the Shenandoah County Public School District. This is the festival where we want to highlight the wonders of filmmaking from all across the world. Click here to learn more…

Strasburg International Film Festival

We offer various programs, both online and in-person that are diverse, exciting, and unique. In a pre-pandemic world, we used to hold bi-weekly meetings at a local brewery where we reviewed a unique film or one that could be considered a classic. We are currently redeveloping our seasonal film series page but one way to stay connected on further developments is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Seasonal Film Series

We could pay a tribute to the French Cinema while the next month we may tackle a social justice issue. That’s the beauty of random film festivals. There are so many different avenues to explore and we do with fellow like-minded cinephiles. We are currently redeveloping our seasonal film series page but one way to stay connected on further developments is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Online Film Festivals


One way to support our illustrator interns and our organization is to purchase something through our online store. If you ever need assistance with a purchase, please contact us at

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