The Last Man is a fascinating film from Slovenia’s Predrag Radulovic.

The 90-minute film can be properly phrased as a young social engineer goes through three character transformations. But it’s not one of those coming of age stories.

This film is part of November’s Strasburg Film Festival, and it will be shown November 11th, at 1 PM in the right room at Box Office Brewery. Tickets are $4 for the showing, or if you want to experience the full festival, day passes are $10 while the complete experience is $30.

Director Biography – Predrag Radulovic

Predrag Radulovic is a film director and producer born in Rijeka (Yugoslavia, today Croatia) on June 9, 1982. He studied law and administration in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he worked as a translator. As an independent filmmaker, he wrote, directed and produced his first auteur feature film Last Man in 2018.

When submitting his film, Mr. Radulovic provided the following statement about his video vanguard:

An extraordinary filmmaking business really should not limit the freedom to create is philosophy and logic that shaped Last Man project. It was created with natural will of individuals and mindset for continually discovering new challenges. Just like Tony in a film, it is sad life without camels, lions, and children. And it is even sadder without fulfillment of one’s own potential. The film is influenced by the philosophy of F. Nietzsche, his Three Metamorphoses and the concept of the Last Man. Last Man is a movie for everyone and for no one.