Staufferstadt Arts has been one of the many inspirations in forming our non-profit, The Shenandoah Film Collaborative. These accompanying photos (the author of these photos, I for her name, but she did a great job) were from a “Light, Up, The Night” event in early November. There’s a great blog posting about these murals from Just Short of Crazy’s  which you should check out. She goes into much detail about the different murals and her impressions of them. Here is her description of one piece.

The man, women, child mural was created by Alice Mizrachi. Alice is a contemporary artist and art professor in NYC. She brought the town’s wall to life with her rendition of a family. I love all the details in this mural. When you visit be sure to look for the little boy in a window and an owl on a branch.

Staufferstadt Arts is just a prime example as to the underground art culture that is in this tiny, neat little town.