Today’s film that we’ll highlight, which will be played during November’s Strasburg Film Festival is a Music Video called Love Falls Softly by Norwegian Visual Artist Joakim Lund.

Directed by Helge Kallevik, this video takes place in a very beautiful town hall in Haugesund, Norway.

This town hall building was built in the new classical style and was completed in 1931.

The concept in the video is open to interpretation. Because of this, this film is perfect for our New Vision Category, which is for “Artists who re-define their craft through how they present their film. This vision could be displayed through storytelling, cinema, acting, etc.”

Here’s Lund describing the film:
It shows a man on two levels. One is painted in white makeup, the other has a marked black strip or mask painted over the eyes. One observes the other. It can remind a battle between the good and the evil, heaven or hell or black and white.

When asked about creating this video, Kallevik said, “When challenged with music video jobs, I often find myself trying out new things, and Joakim Lund’s video was no exception. The format allows me to stretch my creative side, way more than any other genre, and it is productions like this one that makes me really appreciate my job, because not only is this my job but also my hobby. This is what I love, this is what I live for.”

You can purchase passes now at or you can wait till the schedule is released, which will be in early September and then you can determine if you’d want to enjoy the best of over 4,500 submitted films. Prices will range:
– $30 for the full three days
– $10 dollars for one day
– $4 for one session

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