We’re working on a collection of different avenues to offer as awards for the winners in these film categories. It would be great to announce all of our intended prizes now, but it’s safe to wait until each endeavor is finalized.

The community award is an excellent opportunity to get involved with this festival. For $5 anyone will get a chance to view and vote for a film that is submitted to this category. The money raised will be split evenly into two groups:

  1. Cash prize for the film selected as the community favorite
  2. Donated to the Shenandoah County Public School District, where the funding will be used for theater/drama related programming

You can vote more than once, as every $5 donation will count as a vote for this category.

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This award is for the best of the best. We’re looking for a film that will have the “WOW” factor.  The entry can be any length and any genre of film. We are keeping the rules loose in this category because creativity should not be restricted.

When submitting your creative work, you should ask yourself, if what you’re providing is something that will have the audience talking or question why hasn’t this been done before? This category is for part innovation, part storytelling, part visual, and part directing.

We are committed to making this award the must-saught after prize in film festivals.  Our organization is committed to highlighting what is excellent in filmmaking, and without a lavish “Grand Prize,” we will not be able to achieve our mission.

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A great director is an architect, a quarterback … a leader who can work with all the different components that make films beautiful. The direction that a movie can provide will often propel others to be their best, that’s why they deserve the highest regards.

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Screenplays are the roadmaps towards which everything (filming, acting, design) follows to tell an intriguing story. The screenplay will provide the narrative that entices a host of emotions. You can’t have a movie without the story.

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Next Wave of Inspiration

Student-Produced Film

This category is for all of those in school who are motivated by movies. Maybe a class project or some friends who have a good story and a camera. Now is their time to experiment.

College-Produced Film

Just like the student-produced category but for those who are in college. You don’t need to be majoring in film studies, though we wouldn’t be surprised if this weren’t your focus.

New Visions

Artists who re-define their craft through work or a technical aspect. It’s hard to describe this category because what we’re looking for is new or unthought of to the industry.

Additional Film Categories

Comedy Feature – We’re looking for a good laugh. Creating something funny is never easy, so if you can produce it, we want to honor you.

Dramatic Feature – A good drama feature will suck you into the story. Characters will become relatable and will leave you talking about them after it’s over.

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror – Who doesn’t love movies that go against the grain? Films that are non-traditional and have a little imagination.

Documentary – Sometimes stories don’t need a script. Either it is nature, or even love story, as long as you are documenting life, this category is your calling.

Short Films – The theme could cover any angle. However, some films will not take that long to tell. Keep it short but sweet.