Mr. Slotter is the neighborhood hit-man. His severe, cold, and devastatingly efficient at his job.

Upon receiving his newest list of victims in the mail, he’s surprised to find an attendance list of students from a local school.

Now posing as a substitute teacher, Mr. Slotter is faced with his oddest job yet: to eliminate a class of preschoolers. Unbeknownst to the students, he is on a mission to kill. As the day progresses, a seemingly simple task proves more challenging as the children are entertained by his strange antics and for the first time, Mr. Slotter begins to question everything.

There were a bunch of directors for this film, so we’re just going to list them.

  • Megan Lawless
  • Keni Hoover
  • Eunice Wong
  • Kristina Luu
  • Clayton Nguyen
  • Zora Wang
  • Mako Li
  • David Lee
  • Diana Choukourova