Japanese resident Tomoki Misato says that his story, My Little Goat, which will be played during November’s Strasburg Film Festival, is based on the Grimms’ fairy tale “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats.”

“The wolf tricks the little goats who are at home alone and he eats them. The mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf’s belly using scissors. But, what if the little goats are already being digested in the wolf’s belly?… I imagined that scenario, which became the start for making my animation,” says Misato.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1992, Misato graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design in 2016. In 2018, Misato received master’s degree from the Department of Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media.

“The theme is parents’ madness. My piece is about child abuse and oppression that happens when parents have a twisted love for their children, and the situation of children trapped at home,” Misato said. “In this piece, I wanted to suggest the discomfort a child feels about one-way love.”

For the Japanese film with English Subtitles, Misato wanted the dolls to have life-like expressions and movements, “So I shot using 24 frames per second. The hardest part was the action scene in the second half. I combined 6 dolls and moved the camera dynamically.”

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