Strasburg Film Festival presents Nick (Outlier), a full length thriller from director Jose Pozo.

Margret is a police officer in a small town where nothing ever happens. Her life is perfectly monotonous, and she is happy attending to the trivial problems of the sparse population. But her happiness is shattered when she receives a call from Social Services. Nick, her fifteen year old stepbrother, has just been expelled from boarding school. Being the only direct relative on record, she will have to take care of him.

Nick (Outlier) will be shown on Sunday, November the 11th at 3:25 PM at The Grey Lotus studio. Tickets can be found on the film’s event page.

Director Biography – Jose Pozo

Born in Spain, one of this most notorious projects is the feature film EL CID, THE LEGEND which has been sold in 48 countries and has obtained several international awards, including the Spanish Goya for Best Animation Feature Film in 2003. Furthermore, he acted as Creative Producer at Filmax animation between 1999 and 2007 on feature animation films such as GISAKU, NOCTURNA, and the animated TV Show GOOMER. Pozo´s major directorial effort to date has been his second feature film DONKEY XOTE, this time in 3D.
Aside from directing, he produced the short film DISTURBING and the film documentary GAELLE. In winter 2012, Pozo started a new adventure in Andorra as Producer IMMNENT. Since then, he has co-produced the films TRAVEL TO SURTSEY, VOYEUR, written, produced and directed the shorts CLODETTE, GIFTING and PRIVATE KINGDOM. After writing and directing NICK (Aka Outlier), Pozo is in the final stages of development for his next feature DANGER.