It’s not easy in balancing how much time we need to give people regarding advanced notice, while also taking a chance and setting up, and then making sure that our equipment doesn’t get ruined because of sudden rain.

So we wanted to put in writing how we decide if an outdoor film should go on or not.

So we’ve found that the best time to make a decision on if a film should be shown for that evening is to look at the weather predictions around 1 pm.

We base our decision on what the states and if there’s over a 55% chance of rain from between 6 pm through 10 pm then we will decide to postpone it even though it could easily just clear up.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but we feel that it’s enough time to give advanced notice to people so that they will know.

The time and effort it takes to set up, and the overall cost of the equipment is not an easy thing to take for granted.

If you’re not sure about the status of a showing, the easiest way to reach out to us is through text at (412) 228-0715.