Strasburg Film Festival documentary film Palyadawasi, is based on the real fact of the hapless ‘Paradhi’ tribe in India that has been suffering from injustice by police and other elements of the society. Unfortunately, they still have to live on outskirts of town as they are hated and perspectives of people towards them as thief hasn’t changed yet. The story is about the battle of Protagonist, who gets education, becomes a policeman, and makes every efforts to bring his tribe to mainstream.

Palyadawasi will be shown on Friday, November the 9th, 1:00 PM at the Box Office Brewery. Tickets can be found on the film’s event page.


Director Biography – Pragati Kolage


A software engineer by profession but with a passion for film making, Pragati Kolage currently lives in the USA. She is a passionate writer, having published five books with leading publication house in Maharashtra in the Marathi language. Her focus of writing is on social issues and world events.



Director Statement

I have seen life of people from Paradhi tribe closely since my childhood and have been seeing their unbearable pain and struggle for living. Still I see the main stream society peoples are not accepting them as a part of the main stream society.

Palyadawasi is my debut movie as writer, producer, director and actor. I hope people like my creativity and encourage me to make many more.