Today we will be really kicking off our first Seasonal Film Series event of 2019 in our home area of Strasburg, VA. And, we wanted to start big. Rated an 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb by 587 participants, this is a film that mixes art with history. A description of the film can be found below.

In Petrila, a coal mining town in Transylvania (Romania), an ex-miner turned artist and activist uses art and absurdism to stop local authorities from demolishing the historic buildings of the oldest coal mine in the country after its’ closure in 2015, at EU’s recommendation. His quest is not only to preserve the history and the identity of his hometown, but also to find new ways of keeping the community from irreversibly falling apart.

Join us today, at Box Office Brewery at 5:30 for a film that will, as one reviewer put it: “A movie that caught my attention 100 %. I laughed, I cried, I stayed amazed and I found my motivation in the determination and dedication of which ‘Petrilenii’ gave proof in the struggle for the preservation of their local symbol .”