Editors Note: “Price is Right” is a running column from local film enthusiast Mr. Price. He reviews selected  Strasburg Film Festival films. If he posts a negative review, then the Shenandoah Film Collaborative will respond within his reviews as to why we selected the certain film. By going about it this way, we can help ensure the reader that these are honest film reviews.

“Overrun” is a sensory marvel. From the moment our protagonist, an ant, falls into a seemingly alien landscape we are whisked along on a visually spectacular journey. The art design of the world is phenomenal, at once beautiful and more than a little unnerving. The film’s score reinforces that impression; sometimes tense and claustrophobic, sometimes hauntingly beautiful. Despite, or perhaps because of the film’s brevity, “Overrun” us immediately rooting for the ant as it navigates this gorgeously animated world. Careful attention to detail bleeds through every second of “Overrun”, and it is a captivating experience from start to finish. The craftsmanship on display makes this hero’s journey in microcosm all the more impressive.