Editors Note: “Price is Right” is a running column from local film enthusiast Mr. Price. He reviews films that he feels that people should watch. Whatever film he chooses, we’ll play at an upcoming seasonal film series event

Sea-Tectives is steeped in a type of charm and style unique to stripped-down, extremely indie animation. Part short film and part pilot, Sea-Tectives is an homage to pulpy detective serials and guerilla animation in the vein of Newgrounds of old.

Dobbs’ voice comes through strongly in the film, thanks as much to the writing as to the fact that he voices all of the characters. The fact that each of those characters manages to have a distinct voice despite this is a testament to the incredible amount of care which went into this production.

The humor of Sea-Tectives meshes excellently with the lighthearted animation, immediately drawing us into the story of Charlemagne Clawes and Orville Sinclair.

The genuinely funny writing or stylistic design alone is worthy of praise. The two together make for 

a delightfully unique result.  Sea-Tectives is conceptualized as a short film and works very well viewed this way. The formatting in the vein of serialized detective dramas and hook for a continuation of the story make the idea of a Sea-Tectives television or web series an appealing one.

Ultimately, Sea-Tectives is a testament to the things made possible by a very committed individual or small group,with a strong vision and a dedication to seeing it through.