Editors Note: “Price is Right” is a running column from local film enthusiast Mr. Price. He reviews selected  Strasburg Film Festival films. If he posts a negative review, then the Shenandoah Film Collaborative will respond within his reviews as to why we selected the certain film. By going about it this way, we can help ensure the reader that these are honest film reviews.

“The Breath Holder” is a Turkish short film exploring the life of Güray, a man who has suddenly developed a very strange ability. As long as he is holding his breath, Güray is able to hear the true thought in the heads of anyone he hears speaking.

True to the format of short film, “The Breath Holder” efficiently sets up the central idea and explores its various implications. While the film sticks mostly to the comedic premise it lays out, there is a surprising level of depth and heart that comes through over the course of the ten minute runtime. As Güray explores his abilities he begins to break down, learning the ugly truths behind the words of those around him. This culminates in a heartfelt and emotional ending to the film, when Güray visits his mother. This, in addition to the questions posed by the film as to whether Güray is simply imagining his powers in some sort of breakdown, lend “The Breath Holder” a depth that greatly enhances what was already a thoroughly enjoyable comedic venture.