The folloiwng is an update on items that's occuring with the Shenandoah Film Collaborative.

Remakes, reboots, taking time off. This week our film analysts offer their thoughts on what they would do if they were given an unlimited budget to transform Hollywood. The image provided in this article is not a suggestion that they offered up, sadly. You can check out a new post about this subject this Tuesday through Thursday.

Film Festival Passes

You can buy passes now, incase we run out. Once you do, you will not need to select which films you’re going to see. We will email pass holders (day or full) closer to the event to let you know when we’ll be there to hand you the pass, talk about setting up a Virtual Reality (VR) time for you and try to address anything else that you might have about your festival experience. The VR experience is free for those who buy the festival pass. $5 for everyone else. As always, all proceeds will go to the Shenandoah County Public School District Theatre Programs.

Why Strasburg?

We could have gone anywhere within the Shenandoah region to start our marquee event, but there’s just something about Strasburg that keeps us coming back. The quaintness, the modern flare. It’s really a town on the up and up.

We have witches, farm fresh food and a store that focues on model car racing .

If you’re interested in attending our festival and experience what made us fall in love with this area, we’d suggest that you check All the Rooms for your hospitality needs.


We need people to help us out and start the film to the play the film during each screening session. You will get to attend that event for free. To sign up, please fill out this form.