Maryam’s husband has an accident at home and, rather than saving him, she stops helping and watches him die.

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Director Biography – Kaveh Mazaheri

Born 1981 in Tehran, Iran. His first short film, Tweezers (2007). To date, he has made four independent short films and more than twenty short and long documentaries. His last hort film “Retouch” which became a very successful movie. In its first international premiere, “Retouch” was able to win the Best Narrative Short award at the Tribeca 2017, opening the path to be considered for the Academy Awards 2018. Following, “Retouch” was twice more eligible for qualification at the Academy Awards 2018, following wins for Best Short Fiction category at the Krakow Film festival and Palm Springs Shortfest. Garnering more than 70 important international film awards at 180 international film festivals, “Retouch” is the most successful Iranian short movie ever made. For this reason, many of these international awards are being kept and showcased at the special “Retouch” booth at the Iranian Cinema Museum.