Sleepless, a Strasburg film festival 2:19-minute animation from Brazil, is about two brothers are playing in their room using imaginary clothes and items in an endless battle transcending time and drifting through worlds.

Director Biography – Breno Guerreiro, Débora Pinto

Debora Pinto is a digital illustrator and recent graduate in Veiga de Almeida University. Pinto worked as 2d designer and 3d generalist for the Center of Technology of SENAI. Insone was her graduation film and first short movie.

Breno Guerreiro is a digital 2d animator and recent graduate in Veiga de Almeida University. Guerreiro worked in projects such as the animated series Jorel’s Brother for Cartoon Network, Trunk Train and Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids. Insone was his graduation film and first short movie.

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