We have released our nominations for the 1st Strasburg Film Festival. This has been a long journey for us and these films have survived over 5,500 submissions to get this far. The only film category that will not be mentioned here is our Grand Jury award. The award for that category will go to one that wins one of the other film categories. All winners will be announced November 10th.

Best Animated Film

  • My Little Goat (Japan)
  • Empty View (Iran)
  • WoolWorld (Poland)
  • Prychynna: The Story of Love (Ukraine)
  • iRony (Australia)

Best Short Film

  • Annie Waits (UK)
  • Wishful Whiskers (USA)
  • Constance (The symphony of kisses) (France)
  • Short but Sweet (Netherlands)
  • Within (United Kingdom)
  • MindFull (USA)

Best Documentary Film

  • Waiting for Waldemar (Canada)
  • Carry My Voice (Turkey)
  • The Holders (USA)
  • Hoan Alone (USA)
  • The Pacifist (USA)

Best Student/College-Produced Film

  • Iron Hands (USA)
  • Sugar (USA)
  • It’s Raining (Indonesia)
  • Civil Air Patrol: Aviation’s Greatest Ally (USA)
  • Overrun (France)

Best New Visions Film

  • Genesis (Iran)
  • The Importance of Dreaming (Canada)
  • Dam Sauz (Lost Frequencies Cut) – Two Pauz (Belgium)
  • Volans (Turkey)
  • This Magnificent Cake! (Belgium)

Best Comedy Film

  • Deany Bean is Dead (USA)
  • The Guardians (UK)
  • That Smell (USA)
  • Rendezvous in Chicago (USA)
  • Sugar Cube (Australia)

Best Dramatic Feature Film

  • The Astronauts’ Bodies (Germany)
  • Crown and Anchor (Canada)
  • AFREEN (Canada)
  • last man (Slovenia)
  • The Undiscovered Country (USA)

Best Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror Film

  • BUG (France)
  • The God Inside My Ear (USA)
  • Truth (USA)

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