Strasburg Film Festival documentary feature The Holders is a depiction of Miami-Dade Animal Services, of an area that is constantly preoccupied with everything that looks pretty and new. It becomes fashionable to dispose of all that which for some reason is no longer considered useful, with the inhabitants of this community being the “holders” of all those legally-conceived “things” that surround them.


The Holders will be shown on Friday, November the 9th at 6:30 PM at the Town of Strasburg City Hall. Tickets can be found on the film’s event page.


Director Biography – Carla Forte

Carla Forte is a performer, scriptwriter and director. Forte is the Founder, Executive Director and Director of the Department of Author’s Cinema of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film. She has directed Video-Art works like Staring at the Ceiling, Interrupta, Assassins for One Night, among others featured at venues such as: 10th Experiments in Cinema New Mexico (2015); 10th Annual Film and Video Screenings Newark (2015); 20th Cucalorus Film Festival Wilmington (2014); 27th Les Instants Vidéo Italy (2014); Pool 14 Internationale TanzFilmPlattform Berlin (2014); Art Screening at Trestle Gallery Brooklyn (2014) and 21st Quinzena de Danca de Almada, Portugal (2013).

Her cinematographic work includes the documentary The Holders Official Selection 32th Miami International Film Festival (2015); Short films Imaginarium and Reset, selected for Cannes Film Festival’s Court Metrage – Short Film Corner in 2012 and 2013, respectively; as well as the feature film Urban Stories, Winner of Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and Best Feature Film at Bootleg Film Festival Toronto (2012); and Honorable Mention at both Los Angeles Movies Awards (2011) and Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland (2012).




Director Statement 

My primary intent as a artist is to communicate my personal and social concerns, transforming them into a magical realm where anything becomes possible. Images, dialogues, silences, colors and movement join to create a visual equilibrium, speaking for themselves.

Within my cinematographic work, movement is a key element for narrative and visual development; achieving a frame in motion from the image.

Beyond an unorthodox narrative and aesthetic, my work focuses on experimenting new visual sensations through conflict: reflecting a world of emotions that can be both very near reality and on the side of the nonexistent, creating a parallel universe in which the palpable and the desired become possible at the same time.

Throughout my career, I have discovered the need to incorporate into my images and scripts messages that promote social consciousness. As a humanist, I am passionate about the idea of being part of the change; it is for that reason that within my artistic production, I find it valid and valuable to present social issues, along with fictional stories, that the spectator can identify with as a human being, but that also present a new realm of sensations that we can be a part of.