With it currently 5 days (Thursday, June 28th at 6 PM) until Seasonal Film Series – Ridge Runner Farms and Brewing Co. we will be providing a little more information about each feature film and its cast and crew.

Today’s Focus: The One I Adore by 2 Blocks North Productions

It’s a simple premise. It’s a story of love lost and the lengths some can go to get it back.

Created by Canadian Jason E Seelmann, this is an 8-minute film.

When asked about the film Jason stated, “This story is important to me because it takes me to a place that I could never go to in my own quest for love. The fear, doubt, and restraint I feel in taking risks in relationships are non-existent in this film. My character feels they can only be whole by reclaiming the lover who has rejected them, a courageous and terrifying impulse. I empathize with this character, someone who does not think they have options or someone to go to for support. The character is desperate and needs help.”

This screening is free to attend. Address and the ability to save the date to your calendar can be found here.

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