The Strasburg Film Festival drama feature The Quiet One tells the story of Lenny Parker, who only wants a quiet life running his local pub. Unfortunately for him, Dominic Gleeson has other plans for Lenny. Forced to leave to leave his new friends and job, Lenny is soon given no option but to go back.

The Quiet One will be shown on Friday November the 9th at 6:30 PM at Borden Lumber and Hardware. Tickets can be found on the film’s event page.

Director Biography

Jonathon Pegg is a professional boxing coach with a love for film. Despite training a huge stable of boxers at the Eastside Gym, Jon still finds time for projects such as his other films: An Hour of Sleep and The Game.




Director Statement

Film making has always been my secret pleasure and is how I spend the majority of my down time. It’s always fun to work with the actors and crew to create a new project. The Quiet One was a pleasure to create and I cannot wait to share it with you!