Want to get your blood pumping? That’s what you feel when you watch today’s feature that will be playing at November’s Strasburg Film Festival titled Truth.

In a country, we all know… in a time we all fear.

Following a bloody revolution and civil war, former army officer Xavier Faraday is ushered into an interrogation room and chained up opposite Maria Ramses, his appointed representative for the fledgling government’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

Offered a chance at amnesty for detailing his time at an infamous internment camp, Xavier agrees. Slowly Maria peels away the layers of the man’s life and military career, however, Xavier is hiding something.

But so is Maria.

When the curtain is pulled back, Xavier learns he is not being offered amnesty, instead this has all been part of his interrogation. And more so, Maria is not who she seems, and she will go to any length for the information she desires.

Shot entirely on the Dual Visions stages, Truth is a unique cinematic experience featuring two actors in a single space in real time. Filmed chronologically in seven days, Truth explores the human experiences of loss, evil and the depths people will go for answers and survival.

Director Biography

“Truth” is Eric Erickson’s feature directorial debut. He wrote and directed the short film “Ronnie Jackson: Worst Roadie in the World” and has written several festival selected shorts and features including “The Retrieval,” “The Hitman” and “Shattered.”

Director Statement

“As director and writer, I wanted to create a sandbox where the actors could play. In that small interrogation room, our talented crew caught every moment. Using varying film styles- from gritty hard lighting to faux documentary and cinema vérité- we have created a visceral experience that truly peels away the layers of humanity. I am proud of what we did-, especially on our timeline and budget. I hope you enjoy it.”

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– $30 for the full three days
– $10 dollars for one day
– $4 for one session

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