Independent films are just the start. As we continue to grow, we plan to incorporate other events or activities into our organization. We’re always open towards collaborating with community groups for new ideas. Right now we have a limited area in which we can travel to provide our services but ultimately we would hope to travel to anywhere in the Shenandoah Valley. In the meantime, our focus is the following counties/cities:

  • Shenandoah
  • Frederick
    • Winchester
  • Clarke
  • Warren
  • Page
  • Rockingham
    • Harrisonburg

Here is a list of programs that we would like to bring to the Shenandoah Valley. This is not a list of programs that we expect to administer in 2019, but this is considered our page devoted to long-term planning.

Film Friends

Connect those who would be considered to be living under certain disadvantages and pair them with filmmakers or those in the film industry, who will show them the ropes of filmmaking. In addition, these filmmakers would guide them through ways towards expressing emotions and artistic abilities in a productive fashion.

Minority Media

Spotlight the incredible work of minority filmmakers by bringing their films to the Shenandoah Valley. These filmmakers explore stories and topics that are rooted in their community but are relevant to a variety of audiences. Minority Media features fiction and documentary films from emerging and established voices and hosts events that inspire conversation, celebration, and community.

Culture Club

For the adults who never grew up, the weirdos who stay true to themselves, and the unicorns who love fun,  we feature cinema that is off the beaten path.

Film and Media Center

The creation of a state of the art home for the organization’s film, education, and administrative programs. We would love to create a community focused not-for-profit that creates opportunities for our constituents, patrons, and students while providing great, entertaining programming for the community throughout the year.

Emerging Filmmakers Competition

This would be a contest/academy that would focus on those who are new to the industry. It’s a combination of education, competition, and fellowship.

Film Academy Classes


Slam My Story!


Spotlight Series


505 Films + Friends


Scalable offerings that would serve under-resourced communities


Initiatives that focused on suicide prevention, bullying + mental health


Career Institute in Filmmaking for at-risk and underserved high school students


Teacher training workshops in filmmaking in the classroom


Creation of a scholarship program


Creation of a Director of Education Position

This person would focus on creating lesson plans and resources available so that school and communities can better teach different aspects of film (writing a script, doing graphics for a film, technical aspects of creating a production area to film a movie).

Future Film Festivals

  • Music Video Festival (Late Winter - Early Spring)
  • Film & Music Festival
  • Middle Eastern Festival
  • Asian Festival
  • Pride Festival
  • Children's Festival (Midsummer)
  • Strasburg (Shenandoah) Film Festival (Fall/November)