We’re Not Just About Movies

There are two areas of focus for our organization.

Offer opportunities for residents to experience the wonders of film that cannot be found from major motion studios.
Raise funds and awareness for the Shenandoah County Public School System where the money would be used for theater/drama-related programming.
This page is to provide additional background as to why theater/drama-related programming is important for the academic and personal development of our next generation.

With the help of the Shenandoah County Public School District administration, we reached out to two teachers who focus on this area. These are their responses to our questions.

NOTE: Thanks to a friend from the Hedgerow Theatre Company for helping me develop these questions.

Moment(s) where you, as a teacher is succeeding with a student

One question encouraged an educator to submit student-responses. Student’s names are not identified in these responses, and frankly, these comments best exemplify the importance of theater.

Thank You

Thank you for showing me how to think bigger, how to be a better actress than I thought possible. Thank you for the criticism and the encouragement. The things you have taught me, I will carry throughout my lifetime.


I remember that day when you were helping me for almost an hour with many theatre songs… when singing I saw how much you actually believed in me. … you have taught me many things that I wouldn’t have known … I would have never sang on stage in front of my peers …. you pushed me and I did it….I never truly pictured myself being successful because I’ve always been told that I can’t do something because of how I look or how I am. You change how I view theatre and even myself.

Beautiful Sound

Ever since I watched The Sound Of Music with my grandmother, I wanted to be on Broadway. … Years later, with the news of auditions for a musical coming up, I had to grab the opportunity. …
I remember calling my mom immediately after the cast list was posted, probably screaming her ear off. I remember running around the house, stubbing my toe on the furniture, yet still feeling nothing but glee. … I never knew that stage presence could have that impact on someone.